Explosive Growth In Time Spent on Tablets And Smartphones

The amount of time spent on the digital media platform also grew by 83% between December 2010 and December 2013. Consumers in U.S. had spent a combined total of 442 billion minutes on smartphones every month by December 2013, which is a 237% increase from the 131 billion minutes since December 2010.
Surprisingly the biggest increase in time spent was on tablet devices, which grew to an average of 124 billion minutes per month by December 2013, up from 11 billion minutes during December 2010, a whopping 1040% increase! 401 billion minutes were spent every month on Desktops as of December 2010, which grew only 7% by December 2013, to 429 billion minutes.

Multi-Platform Users Constitute The Majority Of U.S. Digital Population

According to comScore, as of December 2013, 56% of U.S. digital media consumers constituted the multi-platform majority. Ever since the launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007, mobiles and tablet devices have continued to rapidly alert consumer behavior. Starting from February 2013, the report tracked the percentage of users who joined the multi-platform segment, and those who stayed only on mobile and traditional desktops.
The most significant finding of the report was during April 2013, when the percentage of users on multiple-platforms was 52%, up from 49% in the previous month. This effectively meant, there were more users on multiple platforms for the first time, exceeding desktop and mobile only users, which stood at 42% and 6%. Throughout the year, the percentage of users on multi-platforms increased significantly more than those on the mobile-only platform. The percentage of users only on the desktop shrunk to 36% by December 2013, while mobile-only users stood at 8%.

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